Bespoke Lifting System for Retrieval of Intermediate Level Waste

Bespoke Lifting System for Retrieval of Intermediate Level Waste

1st July 2016

Mona Lifting Ltd was commissioned to design and manufacture a complete lifting and handling system for the safe removal of Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) for Magnox Ltd at Wylfa Power Station, comprising an automated crane, plug lifting gantry and Ductile Cast Iron Container (DCIC) handling equipment.

Recovery of the ILW involves the cutting out of tubes from skips using a suite of bespoke tooling packages and lifting each tube, in sections into a Mosaik DCIC.

Also included in the scope of work was the design and manufacture of an off-site rehearsal facility, incorporating the XY Hoist and mock-up of part of the mezzanine room, the cell and skips, which is intended to replicate the site conditions at Wylfa Power Station.

Tooling will be deployed and recovered from the cell using a bespoke 1.5 tonne XY Crane which will also provide the interface management for the tooling drive and actuation systems.

Factory Acceptance Testing has been completed on site at Mona Lifting and Magnox Ltd are in the process of operational testing the off-site rehearsal facility on the Mona Lifting site.