Overhead Crane Design & Installation

Cranes for Factories, Warehouses, Docks, Power Stations and the Nuclear Industry

Mona Lifting design, install and maintain a range of fixed-location crane types for a wide variety of lifting situations.

Typically we design and install cranes designed to lift between 1 and 50 tonnes, and we provide the following types of crane:

  • Overhead travelling cranes (manual or electric) top running or underslung single or double girder
  • Runway beams / mono-rails (a crane type which moves only in the X and Z axis)
  • Post mounted jib cranes
  • Wall mounted jib cranes
  • Articulated jib cranes

Typical installations include:

  • Manufacturing plants / factories
  • Warehouses
  • Power stations – including the nuclear industry
  • Docks / marinas

A current growth area is in provision of manual overhead travelling cranes for small-scale hydro-electric schemes.

If you have a requirement for a crane you would like us to assist with then please contact us to discuss.

Control Systems

We can advise on, and provide, a range of control systems for our cranes. These include:

  • Manual control
  • Pendant control
  • Tandem control
  • Remote / radio control
  • PLC Control

We have considerable expertise in fully remote / camera operated cranes where added safety is a requirement or where the crane is located in a harsh or dangerous environment; and have provided fully remote installations to the nuclear industry.

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide a full maintenance and repair service for fixed cranes, both our own cranes and those installed by other companies. We also provide a 24 hour call out service.

Inspection and Testing

Mona Lifting also provide a full range of consultancy and inspection and testing services for cranes. From an initial proof-test, to statutory periodic inspection to LOLER regulations. We provide these services both on our own crane installations and cranes installed by other companies.

Example Projects

Marco Cables – two crane and gantry installation to service their 24hr production unit
Magellan Aerospace – a 10 tonne x 28m span double girder crane to service their 24 hour component dipping process
Magnox – a 30 tonne portal frame gantry crane to handle lead lined waste containers
Abrasion Technology – three 250kg x 6m fully automated cranes with support gantry to service their remote jet rotor dipping process